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Full text of "Baptism discovered plainly and faithfully, according to the word of God : wherein is set forth the glorious pattern of our Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ .."

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^ 1^ llll fi i VrTi~l III I 'l BiiK*^ 

■ Ac the B»^/(? in iNn^^uc-ireet, over againft tijc 

LIreth rfVZ/iito and ^/r/>i& MjrJbaUt Bookreller and 
Stationer ". Where is a Warehouse, and is fold all 
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^ifc(/Vered Plainly ^ Faithfully^ 
V//€^^dwg to the^y^j^ 

WoR^D^j^f GOD. 

Is fet forth the Glorious Pattern of Our 
Blefled Saviour jESUS Chrift, the Pattern 
of all Believers in his Subjedion to Baptifm. 
Together, with the Example of Thoulands 
who were Baptized after they Believed. 

By ^ O // N A^ OI^C'OT r. Late Servant 
of Jefas Chrift, and of his Church. 

The Third Edition, Correaed by WiU^lQffn, \ ■ 

and Fjch, C Ur idge. ' 

With an Appendix by anotheri-iand. 

Jer. 6. 4. Ask.for the Old and the Good Way, and 
Vfdk tkrein, ^youjhall find re/}foryoitrj}mls, 

Ifa. 30. 21. This is the iVay^ it, 
I Cor. II. I. Be ye followers of 'me, as I am ) 

Uzt'^,t6? And rohcfi Refits ti'ii Baptized cr 

dip^i he came up out of the Water, 
LiSc. 7- 30. But the Pharjfees md Lmyer: re- 
jeBed the Counfel of God dgninfi themfelvesp 
not being Baptized or dipt. ' ^. 

Printed at I^tterJamt and now Re- printed at 
Londorfy by the Ailigns of Widc^ Norc^t 
and Sold by Will, Marjk^l "'■ t.:£ Bible in 
AAfwgjij /^reet, 1694., ■ - '. 

' — ■ ->^ i.^i»m 





To All that Love4Jj%, 

And His Holy Ordinances 
in the Truth, 

Grace, Mercy; and* Peace be 


S the Lord Jefus Chrifi: 
is moft pretious to your 
[^ Souls, his Name being as 
Oyntment poured forth ^ 
and His Love letter thxn 
Winey Song i. 2,, 3. So hath every 
Truth of his, a due Value and Etteem 
with you. , WhatfoeVer hath the Di- 
vine Imprefs upon it, ye readily em- 
A % brac^, 

brace,- but not that, which is but a 
Tradition of Man. Hence it is, that 
3'e are for a Chi^rch of Chrifis own 
Ere^hn^ for a MiniHry of his own CaU 
ling^ and for Ordinances of his own Ap' 
fomting, 'Tis both your. Defire and 
Endeavour to follow Chrifl: fully, and 
therefore cannot admit of any thing 
in Dodrine, or Worfliip, that is not 
exafitly confonant to his revealed will. 
Ye are {q tender of Chrift's Honour, 
which fliines in all his Commands, 
that ye cannot deviate knowingly the 
leaft tittle from any one of them, 
what an Awe Chriji's Authority car^ 
rys with it ! Ye are the flieep that 
hear his Voice, the fervants that do 
his will, and the People that are o- 
bedient in the Day of his Power. 
Blejfed areje that make his word y out 
Rule\ and rejolvedly do praHife accor- 
ding thereunto ! 

Ihe Author of this Short and 
plain Difcourfe, was a True Lover 
of our Lord Jefus, and his Holy Ap" 
poinfments, he Steer 'd his whole 


Clje ^piffle De5icato?p. 

^ourfcjby the Compafs of the Word, 
making Scripture- Precept, or Exam- 
ple, his conftant Rule in Matters ofi 
Religion : Otlier Mens Opinions 
or Interpreta|ions were not the Stan- 
dard by which he went ; but through 
the Afliflance of the Holy Spirit, he- 
laboured to find out what the Lord 
himfelf had faid in his Word. And' 
therefore throughout this Little Book, 
he ftili keeps clofe to the Scriptures^ 
Vouching no Authority for what he 
delivers, but from tlience. 

What Approbation this Piece hativ 
found, may appear from hence ; that 
fince the Firft Edition of it here in 
England^ it hath been Reprinted ift 
Holland^ was al(b lately Tranflated 
into Welfh^ and now growling fcarce, 
and much asked for, the Bookfell^r 
hath been Advifed to give'it ano- 
tiier ImpreiTion. In which there arr 
few material Alterations or Additi- 
ons, the Author's own Phrafe, and 
Method being generally preferved. 

A3 The 

^ ^ — , -n 

Cfje epiffle D eoicato^g. 

The Lord , who is able to give 

feed to the SQwer^ and to hlefs the 

feed Sown^ Profper this Plain DiP 

courfe to evjery foul tliat fliall read 

ir, which is. the hearty Defire of, 

Tours in the Lordj 


To his Truly Beloved Friends and 
Brethren in and about Wappifjg^ 
who Love our Lord JESUS in 
Sincerity, Children of one Father, 
Partakers of the Glorious Spirit of 

'^^T was Joftphs Lot to he fepa- 
r^ted from his (Brethren y hut 
God meant it for good;, tho'' it 
w^ not for the prefent Jeen^ jetin 
due time it appeared. J oiephs2)r^«mx 
were fulfilled; and tho the Jrchers 
fl)Qt forely at him^ and grieved Um^ 
yet his ^ow abode in Jirength : Oh\ 
"how good it is to he upright with 
the Lord I It is one of the fad evils^ 
of th TtmeSy Brethren (hoot at:^ 
Brethren =:- ^ut this will be aMerc^ 
^"4, indeed^ 

%o W iftietttiiS am Tg?et&^en 

indeed J if all our Aim might he more 
to enjoy J and be conformable to Chrijl ; 
om part of Conformity to our Lord 
Jefus^ is Obedience to the Trecious 
Ordlmnce of Baptilm, judging you 
are fuch as prefs after Chrift your 
Heady together with a Tejlimoml of 
77ty unfeigned Loy^ to you, I haVe 
prefented thefe few Tl^oughts to your 
feriom Con/tderation. 1 have read of 
. Two Loving Friends^ who having 
fpznt a great part of the day in a 
matter of Dtjference between them; 
could not he reconciled^ andfo parted: 
One of them bethinking him f elf of 
that Texi^ Eph. 4. 16. ran to the 
other ^ fayingy The Sun is going 
down j by ')Vhich they '^ere both im* 
mediatelyj reconciled. My (Brethren^ 
our Sun is going down ^ Eternity is 


in ann about Wapping. 

tipcn tiSj and [hall we not conftdtr 
the Work W kve to do for the 
Lord? I hejeechyou be like the Ko- 
^/^ Bereans, (earch whether thefe 
things be fo ; and if you find thefe 
things not mine^ hut the Lords ^ 
then give him the glory due to his 
Name. {Beloved^ as I haye^ fo 1 
(Jyall yet appeal in the Ears of - the 
Lord of Sahhmh^ like Elijah} 
Lord God o( Jbrahnniy Ifaacy3,ni 
of Ifrael^ let it be km this day 
that thou art God in Jfrael^ and 
that I am thy fervant, and that 
I have done all thefe thing3 at 
thy Word, i I^jjigs i8. ;6* 
Kow Lord let Fire come doi^n from 
Heaven on this Sacrifice^ that may 
drink up all the IVaters of (Irife : 
J?id that you may all cry^ThQ Lord 


Co ijlis iftien^is, &c 

he is God, the Lord he is God, 
ver. 59. Which is the unfeigned 
Jejtre of him that is unworthy to 
fer'Ve you ; yet your hyin^ brother 
in Jefus Chrifl^ 

John >5orcott>^ 

« • — '^ — -"^ — 

The Contents of the Book. 

The Incroduftlon Page i. 

CHAP. I. Chrift was Baptized in the River of 

y ^crdan, p. 2. 

rll* Of the great Commiffion for Believers Ba- 

Pt-ifm. p. 7. 

in. Exanipies. P. 11. 

IV. Baptifra i« dipping or covering under Wa- 
ter. P. 17. 

V. Proving Water-Baptifm to continue till the 
fecond coming of Jefus Chrift. p. 21. 

V I. That no Meafures of Grace or of the Spi- 
rit are a fufficient ground to keep any from 
Water-Baptifm. . P. 2^ 

VII. Believers Baptifm a great Ordinance, P. 25. 

V I I I. Anfwers to the common. Objeftions, p. 28. 
IX* Believers Baptifm and Infant -Baptifm com- 
pared, P. 43. 

X Plain Scriptures concerning Baptifm without any 

Human Confequencefrom man's Wifdom P. 41'. 

XI. Confiderations by wayof Conclufion, P. 50. 

An Appendix. P. 57. 

Baptifm Difcovered. 

^ — *■ TT '^ ' f ■' 

•' * 

The Introdf^ion. 

WHEN thou by readkggoeft to 
fearch out the mind orGod, let 
thy Cry be, Lord anoint mifte eyes 
with eye-falvcythat J may fie •, and 
if it hath been the day of Gods Power with 
thy foul, I fear not but thou wilt bid Truth 
welcome, in whatever drefs it comes •, and 
more think on what is comprized in the 
Letter , than be affrighted at the poor 
Cloathing of the Mejjengcr ; efpecially, 
knowing it comes from one whofe Name 
is the Great God. Therefore in handling 
this Truth, viz,- Believers Baptifm, as it 
was pradifed by Chrift and the Primitive 
Churches, my great Requeft to thee, is. 
That thou wilt read what is faid without 
prejudice: And whatever thou findcfb ac- 
cording to Truth, receive as that which 
is more precious than thy Life, and judge 
of it according to the Holy Scriptures-, for 


^ / Baptifm l^tetiup 

when all is faid that can be, they mufl: be 
Judge in all Controverfies of Religion: 
And as Chrifi is the Fow7j^tiorjj I Cor. 2. 1 1^ 
upon which whoever buildeth, Ihall never 
be confounded. 1 fhall therefore take a 
few Obfervations concerning Chrift his 
being baptized ; and herein you ra^y take 
notice how exad the Holy Scriptures are, 
to fet down the Circumftances of his Bap- 
tifm. ^ 

'^ C H A P. I. 

Chrifi rvas Bapiiz^edin the River 0/ Jordan. 

Concerning the Baptifm of Je/^j Chrifi 
you may read it at large, Mat,^, 13, 
&c. Then comet h Jefns from Galilee to Jor- 
dan unto John to be Baytiz^ed of him. Every 
word hath Emphafis ( then ) before he en^ 
tred upon his publick Minillry, as you fee 
in Mat, 4. 17. From that time Jefus began 
to preachy (^cometh) he might have com- 
manded John to have attended him ; but 
in token of his fubjedtion he cometh (from 
.Galilee) many miles, & 'tis likely on foot y 
every ftep we take for God is acceptable, 
and one day fhall have a Glorious Re- 
ward (io Jordan^ wliere there was a Ri- 

^ aim faitljfultg Difcouerco. 

yer where Thoafands had been Baptized, 
and was a fuitable place for John to dip 
Chrift in, as will be ktn hereafter. Now 
i (hall take notice of eight things concern^ 
the Baptifm of Chrift. 

Firji^ Concerning his Age, 'tis faid, L«/^. 
3.21- jefus being haptiz^ed^ . ver • 23 . bega^t 
to be aboHt thirty years of j4ge ; here you fee 
that Chrili: himfelf was baptized at<^roW7t 
Tears ; if any might be baptized in Infancy, 
why not ChriJfl: ? Chriftians be not alha- 
med, your Captain is gone before you, 
he was thirty years old when baptized. 
Chrift is not afhamed. to call you Bre- 
thren, Heb, 2. II. 

Secondly^ Another thing to be obferved. 
in the Baptifm of Chrifl:, is the Admini- 
llrator of this holy Ordinance, .yo/:?^, who 
confefleth of himfelf he was not worthy 
to unloofe the latchets of hisfhooes, Mark^ 
1.7. Now if Chrill: would receive Bap-: 
tifm froih fuch an unworthy Inftrument ; 
never flight the Ordinance, becaufe of the 
unworthinefs of the Adminiftrators, let 
your eye be on Chrift your Example. 

Thirdly^ Note the Repulfe, John for- 
bad him;, Mat. 3- 14. Difficultly in duty 
mufl be no excufe :, . we mull ta^e no dc- 
nyal in following God, Strive to cmcr t;- 
tit the fir ait gaie^ Mat,, ?• ^3. 

i> tfjirujiw 

TBatJtffm plainlp 

Fourthly^ Note, John's Argument, A/4;. 
3. 1 4. / have med to he hapcz'd of thee^ and 
comeft thou to me ? Some will not be bap- 
tized but of need ^ their carnal Argument 
is, May I not go to Heaven though I be 
not baptized ? Is it of neceflity to falvati- 
on ? Is this like your Lord and Mailer ? 
Was not he a perfefl; Saviour ? Was not 
the Spirit poured on him without meafure ? 
He had no fin to be wafiied away, wherefore 
fee your example, he doth it not of need, 
but of obedience to his Fathers will. 

Fifthly^ Note the excellent Terms he 
gives to this Ordinance of Baptifm. i. He 
calls it Riohteonfnefs^ Matth. 3. 15. 'Tis 
righteous and juft that I fhould be about 
my Fathers bufinefs. 2. It is a comely 
thnig, it becomes us : Ob it is a very 
comely thing in God's Children, to have 

.^-efped to all the Commandments of God. 
3. The Conjuniflion ( nO thee and me, and 
all my Foll'jwers, John 12. 26. If any man 
ferve me^ let him follow mi •, and where I am, 

^jhere fiidtalfo myjervant be. 4. A Comple- 
tion, k is a. fulfilling, iCor. 104. Thewca- 

■ '■;^ons of our warfare are nut carnal but fpiritn- 
'al\.SfhX:'<i:y^g^''^g cve'^^ thought into capti» 

'MtXitQ h^i^efti'nce of Chrifi^ ver. (5. having 

^~i^^?^lh^^t6 revenue aH dijnhedtence^ whm 
yofir obedance jhall i^e fidfilled. Obedience 


aua faitt)fuHg Difcoaeteo» 5 

muft be fuliilled. 5. The univerfal Term 
(-// j Baptifm is one of the all, Chrifi: 
reckons it fb> Thou can ft net wal\ m all 
the Commandj^ if this be emitted, 

6. Note, Concerning Chrifts Baptifm 
the form of Adminiftration, ^^at, 3. j^f^d 
ftraitvpay he wer:t up out of the water (ftrait» 
7i'^'7)becaure Baptifm is once Dipping-^ Qip) 
had he not been down, 'twould not have 
been faid he went up; (loemf^O was noc 
carryed in Arms as Infants are, (ptit^ if he 
went out of the water then he had been in : 
We never fay one goes out of the houfe* 
when he never was in. So Chrift could 
not be laid to come out of the water? had 
he not been in ; (he went up oat) had a lit* 
tie water been brought to him in a Bafon^ 
he had not been faid to go up out (.of the wat 
ter) this water was the River of Jordan .• 
Chrifl (loops to fmall things becaufe an 

7. Note, Concerning Chrift's Baptifmj 
the Father's Acceptance,vW./f .3. i6^ij.(the 
Heavens were opened : ) Some of thrift's 
Followers have fonnd glorious openings of 
Heaven in Baptifm •, {the fpirit defcended) 
the very fame that is promifed to Believ- 
ers in their Baptifm) A^, 2, 38. R^ent Av.d 
be Biipttx^ed every one ofyou^ and yolf ^all re^ 
ciivetker-Holy^Gkaft^ Obj. But doth every 

Bz cm 

:!3aptum plamlt) 

^>>e receive the Holy Ghoj} th,it is tapt:z^s4:f 
Afif. The dtkCt lies not in Bsptifm, but 
in faith and Repentance ; witiiout which 
no Ordinance is effeaual : iAndlc^ a voice 
f/om Heaven, This is )r,y beloved S:??') Ghrift 
as Head was fealedj and ia Baptifm is held 
forth the Sonfhip of his Members ( m him 
J ajH Kell pleafed:) not only in all he hath 
and doth do, but in this very Aft of Bap- 
tifm? as an A^ of Obedience to my glo- 
rious Will. I am v';el] pleafed, and fo is the 
Lord well pleafecj in the Ad of Obedience, 
ivherein fyom the heart we obey the form of 
Deprive delivered to hSj Rom. 6. 17. The 
fame Voice the blefled Son of God ha:h in 
the Mount, Luk, 9.35. This is my beloved 
Son ; hear hif/t. Hear him in his Commands 
and AppointEiients j hear him now in his 
Baptifm : Oh, faith Chrill, thus it becom- 
eth US', you that have my Father for your 
Father, you that have my God for your 
God : Thus it becometh us to be baptized, 
and to fulfil all righteoufnefs ; Oh he is ,% 
belovtd Son^ bear him, 

8 Note,How in Chrilts Baptifm the Tri- 
nity doth as it were meet ; the Father with 
a Voice,the Son baptized in Perfon, the Ho- 
ly Gholt defcends like a Dove : And furely 
i€ is oncl^eafon, why Baptifm in fpecial is 
isto be admioiftrcd in the Name of the Fa- 

ann faitftfulip DiftaaereD. 7 

ther, Son, & Holy Ghoft i becaule he who 
doth fincerely believe, and is baptized, the 
whole Trinity, the Father, Son and Spirit 
is his portion ^ and that glorious Union of 
the Trinity in Chrift's Baptifra, is in eve- 
ry Believers Baptifm commemorated. 


Of ths great Co/r.miflon for Belki/crs Baftiffh\ 

AS you have heard fomething concern- 
ing your great Pattern, the Lord Je-- 
ius ; fo now I fliail (hew fomething concern- 
ing his Command, ^-^^*\28. 1 9. And I pray 
note what is faid of our Lord Jefus, ^^. i . t . 
Chrift is faid both to do & teach ; 'tis good 
for Teachers to imitate their Lord both to 
do and teach , and ver. 2. Ue was taken ufy 
after that he thrcH^h the Spirit had given 
Comniandmenn to his jlfofiles-^ gf which 
Commandments, this of Believers Baptiftn 
is certainly dne *, and as you fee in Mat,i%, 
iS, 19, 20. The great God gave him to be 
a Commander and Leadir to his People^ Ifa. 
5S-4. Ghrift is a Gift as a Commander-, 
Oh what Mercy it is to have fuch a wile 
Commander,whofe Commandments to Be- 
lie vers are not grievous 5 i^ k^eeping his Come 
B 3 m,ifif'.' 

« TBaptifm platnlp 

mandmems there is great reward^ Pfal. 19. 1 1. 
Now in this Command tKere are Eight 
Things very notable-. 

F/V/, Note whence Chrifl came, why ? 
He came but of the Grave, A Rifen Jefus ; 
And God raijed him from the dead^ arid fent 
himtoblefsiis, Ad.3.26. Surely thisblelTed 
Jefus would not appoint any thing but what 
is good for his People^ he is a blelled Jefus, 
and he.g^ives blelTed Commands; Bkjfed 
tire ihey that do his Commandmcfits^ that they 
may have a right to the Tree of Life^ and may 
enter in through the Gates into the City^ Rey. 

JecoW/jjNotejChrifi: appeared and came 
to them •, now fhould an Angel appear and 
command men to be baptized, who wonld 
ftand againfl: it ? But here you have the glo- 
rious Son of God in his own Perfon appear- 
ing, and faith, Go teach and haptiz^e. 

Thirdly^ Note what Authority he comes,, 
with. Mat, 2.8. 18.. All power in Heaven and 
Earth is given tome ; all Power to XOm- 
mand both in Heaven and Earth is given to 
me,i all power to difpofe of Heaven and 
Earth, all poyyer to protefi. J have Angels 
and Men at rny. Command ;. I am able to 
protect you, to (land by you, and to be with 
y du; both in the fire and in the water : I 


have al] power. Go therefore^ teach andbaf^ 
tiz^e ; fear no enemies : 

Go teach andba^ttz^e, 

Fourthly^]siotQ the Command it felf,Mif;. 
28. J 9. faith Ghrift, Go therefore teach and 
baptiz,e. Chrift faid but to Legion^ Go^ 
Mat. 8. 52. and they ran riolently, and 
fhall not Believers be as willing People in 
tlie day of his power ? The Centurion did 
but fay Go^ to his fervants,and they did go j 
and he did but fay Come, and they came > 
&he did but fay, Do this, and they did it : 
And fhall Chrifts fervants be worfe to him^ 
than the Centurions fervants were ? 'Tis 
Chrift faith. Go, 

Go teach and^ baptize. 

Fifthly^ Note, what is precedent to Bap- 
tifm : Go teach^thtr^ niuft be teaching-, God> 
is a Spirit,and he feeks fuch to worfhip him^ 
that worfhip him in fpirit and truth, Joh. 4, 
24^ therefore there muft go Teaching before 
Baptifm^ or elfe they will ne'^^er wor(hip-> 
him in fpirit and truth. Go teach and ba^- 
tiz.e, I confefs many men do fay the word: 
Teach in the Greek, is, Make difciplcs,and. 
I dare not fay againft it v for I find it the- 
very pra(^tice of Jefus Chrift, he did firit 
make Difciples, and then baptized them, 
Joh. 4. I . Jefits made and baftiz.ed.more dif" 
cifles than John-, here was firft a makings 
B4 Pif- 

^ : ^ -■ 

iQ Qgqptifm plaimp 

Difciples, and then a baptizing them ; but 
how many poor fouls Igmrantly baptiz^e 
thofe who never were made Difciples*, 
but, Ghriil faith? tvach and baftiz^e them. 

Sixthly^ Note? The Extent of the Cora- 
niand? Teach all Natioyis and baptiz.e them^ 
Go into all Nations, whether it be a hot or 
a cold Clirriate^ Jews and Gentiles^ Male and 
female •, when you have taught them, then 
baptize them. Now the middle Wall of 
Partition is broken down- Now ^od is no 
Pxefpefter of Perfons, now let none think 
to boall that they have Ahraham for their 
Father \ No, no, go intoall Nations, pub- 
liQi the glad tydings of the Gofpel to eve- 
ry Creature, Mark 1 6. 15, 16. He that k- 
Ikveth and is haptiz^edj Jball be faved ; Go, 
teach all Nativns^ them ; when you 
have taught them, then baptize them. 

Severti'jly^^olQ the words of Inftitution, 
M4t, 28. 19. B^ftiziijg them in the Name 
of the Father^ fuch as receive the Lord Je- 
fu« on Gofpel-terms, God will be a Fa- 
ther to them, 2 Cor. 6. 175 1 8. Go give them 
a Call 5 come out from amongfi Z)nbelievers^ , 
&c. a-'^d befeparate-i and J will be a Father to 
yoUj andyoH jhail be my fons afid daughters : 
Stand a while, and wonder here you that 
make nothing of the blefled Ordinance of 
Baptifmi here below things done in the 


anti faitljfttllj) Difcoaetco. 1 1 

King's Name, carries power *, but here's' 
the Greac God's Name : Yea, here's the 
Name of the Myfterious Trinity, Fatker^, 
Sori^ and Holy Ghofi^ and doffc thou think 
Baptifm hath nothing in it, that haththac 
glorious Name to be adored and admired ? 
Go, baptize thera in the glorious Namebf 
the Father^ So/iy and Holy Choft, 

Ei^htly^ Note the glorious Promife an- 
nexed, Go haptlsie^ and I will he with yon ; 
Chrift is a good Companion, you that love 
his Company, feek it where he promifeth 
it \ Ask for the old and the good way^ and walk 
therein^ and you fljall find refi for yonr fouls : 
Is there any Soulreft ihort of Chrifl; ? Noi 
no, 7« his pre fence is fulnefs of joy ' would 
you have his Prefence, do like ZachensfiQt 
into the way, Believe and be baptized, for 
he comes this way, (baptiz.e^ and I wdl be 
with you always to the end of the Worlds 
(^A>nen^) an Amen follows,they are the fare- 
wel words of the befi; Friend, Baftiz,e^Iwill 
be with yoity Amen. 

CHAP. IM. '* 
E X AM ? L E S.. 

OF many thoufands who were bapt> 
zed in Rivers, all of them Perfons 
who profeffed, Faith and Repentance*, 


I5aptifm plauflp 

and were of years able to anfwer for them- 

Firit Example : Thofe that Chrift is 
faid to baptize, Job. 4. 1, 2. it is faid, h'e 
made them Difciples^ and baptized them : 
Firft, they are Difciples, then baptized; 
they are made Difciples, not born Difci- 
ples (that isj they are made Difciples by 
the preaching of God's Word, and then 
they were baptized. 

Second Example : You have an Exam- 
ple, -^ii, 2. 41. Then they who gUd'.y re- 
ceived his Word were baftiz.ed'^ the occa* 
Hon of this you have? vcr, 37. They were 
frick^d at the heurt-^ they hew n't what t9 
do ; the knfc of fin lay heavy upon them- 
The Apoflle tells them, That they [h uld 
repent and be baptiz^ed^ then they jhould re- 
ceive the. Hvly Ghofi ., then they who glad- 
ly received ihe Word were baptiz^ed, Mercy 
is fvsreet to a wounded foul) and fuch a foul 
fticks at no duty^ now he can be plunged 
in water at Chr ill's Command,^'e/'.4 1. And 
the fame day there were added mto thim about 
three thoufajid fouls. 

Third Example : another Example you; 
have, A^. 8, 12. But when they believed 
Philip? preaching the things concerning the 
Kingdom of God^ and the Njime of Jefus^ 
Cbriflj they were bp.ftixed both Mi:n and 

Women : 

ariD fait&fuiip Difcoacrea* 1 3 

Women: When they believed, ver, 5.- 
They of Samaria^ and for ought we know, 
fome of thofc whom the Difciples would a 
Jictle while ago have ca/kd for fire from 
Heavtu upon, />^i9. 52,54. yet when thefe 
believed^ they were bapttsied both Men and 
Women. Oh, if never fo near Hell, yet be- 
lieve and be bapti:£ed, there's Mercy for 

Fourth Example : You have another Ex^ 
ample of the baptizing of believers in A^, 
8. 35. Phi/ltj> preached u?2to the EHnHchJefus^ 
ver. 36, Th:y came to a certain water and thl 
Enmch faidyfee^ here is water ^ what doth 
hinder me to he baptiz^ed; and ver, 37. And 
Philip faidj If thou heliev^fi With all thy 
heart ^thoH may ft : This //,is the //we ftand 
upon vbe never fo poor/o \i\t^ if God once 
make thee to believe, then thou mayft be 
baptized, 'twas not his godly Parents,'twas 
Eot his readiSg, 'twas not his coming to Je. 
mfakm co worniip,'cwas not his wilJingnefs 
to be baptized ; but if thou belisveft thou 
^ayft ' faith the Greek, it ts lawfnl v it is 
according to Chrilts Law- -ver. 38. They 
mn bctb down into the water, both Philip and 
the Enmich^ and l:e baptiz^ed him : Oh behold 
?Man, the great Treqfurer of the Queen 
M ^th^pta, a Rich Man, an F^nourable 
Man, a Religious Man,^ a Mm^hh like, 
^ ' having 

p/i4 OiSaptifm 0ainlp 

having many Attendants at his Chariot, 
he flops all, comraands all to ftand ftill, 
tiij he yields obedience to his Lord and Ma- 
iler in Water-bsptifm j he can now go 
down into the water for Him, who bad 
Gome down from Heaven for him*,he counts 
it no difgrace to obey Chrill by his poor 
fervant PhtUp : Oh the condefcention of 
truly gracious fouls : No Argument works 
like Love? Therefore if yon lave me keep my 
Commandments : Here's going down, and 
coming up^like the glorious ways of Chrift j 
he firil; calls down, then he raifeth up *, firft 
brings to the Grave, and then faith, Return 
ye fons of men^ ver. 39. Jind he went on his 
way rejoyciT7g : Oh what Triumph is in 
Chrifts ways, in keeping, though not for 
keeping his Commands; there is, as well 
as (hall be great Reward(fe^ went on his way*) 
the Righteous jhall hold on in his way^ and he 
that hath clean hands jhall be*fironger and 
jlrpnger-^lob, 1 7.9. How many have fluck in 
their way, wept in their way, droopt in 
their way , but when baptized, have gone on 
their way rejoycing*; he might have a fad 
heart, though a rich Treafurer : Riches 
would not do, Being baptiz^ed^ he went on 
^-is way rejoycing. The J ay lor being baptized^ 
rcjoycedj bMieving in Cod with all his honfe^ 
Ads 16. ,3^, 34. j. 


att5 faitl)fuWp Difcoaetea. 1 5* 

5 Example, The nexn Example we 
come to, is the Baptizing of the famous A- 
poftle PanlyAcixai, i6. ^'^ndfiowwhytar^ 
riefithoH^ anfe and be baptiz^ed^ andwaflj'a- 
xvdythy fws ; wouldell thou have thy foiil 
filled with joy ? wilt thou take Chrifc for 
thy Lord ? then arife, why tarrieft thou^ 
and be baptized : -He that appeared to thee 
in the way when thou waB a Perfecutor^ and 
ftopt thee from going to Heil^ when thou wafi 
runnings hathfent nte, faith An2inhs-)A^. 
9. 1 5, 17. And tiovo why tarrieft thon ? ari'fe^ 
and be baptiz.edy Ad. 22. 16. Thoii haft heeri- 
a PerfecHtor, and now I muft fhew thee" 
that thou mull: be a Preacher, and a Suf- 
ferer i as A^s 9. 15, 16. And therefore 
Arife, why tarrieft thou ? and be baptized : 
Oh accept of the terms and tenders of Mer^ 
cy '^ bid Mercy welcome,but do not put it oiF 
a day ; why dofl; thou tarry? doll thinly thy. 
felf unworthy, and therefore tar rye ft ? do- 
rot let that hinder, I tell thee from the 
Lord thou art a cholen VeOel, y^B, 9. 1 5. 
Ti^erefore, arife, why tarrieft thou ? and 
be baptized. The Lord is willing to for- 
give all thy former fins, and to accept of 
thee on Gofpel- terms, and now^ why tarriefi 

: thoH ? artfe^ and be baptiz,ed^ and wajh ^- 
"^W ay thy (ins, 

6 Example: Another Example of Believ* 

C ers 


^^i^ TBaptifm plamli? 

ers Baptifmis the Baptifni of the Jayior, 
>4^j 16.30, 31,32; He went to bed in his 
iins, and might have awaked ixi Hell ^ but 
preventing - Metcy meets him when his 
fword was drawing*, and by a Glorious 
Inftrumeat God crys, Do thy [elf no harnt^ 
there is hope for thee : And he trembling 
crieS) What mnfi I do ? That foul thafi 
trembles before the Almighty God, will 
not only cry out what fliall I have, but what 
ihall I do ? Belie've^ faith Paid^believe on thd 
Lord Jefiis * And to demonftrate his wil- 
Imgnefs to yield Obedience to the Lord 
Jefus, and to accept of him on Gofpel- 
terms, he is baptized the fame hour of the ' 
night, 'ver, 33. And if you note, ver, 34.^ 
ail his believed and were baptiz^ed, 

7. Another Example you have of Lydra^ ' 
^A^, 16, 14. a godly woman? a praying 
woman, God opened her heart to attend^ 
his Word by Tad^ and being at the River 
(lie was baptized. When the heart is (hut, 
how backward are fouls to obey Chriil? 
One draw from Chrlfl makes the Soul run, 
Sor.g 1 . 4. The Lord opened her hearty and 
fie was baptized, 

8 Exsmple,you have Aots 18. 8. Crifpus 

the chief Ruler of the Synagogue believed 

'on the Lord with all his houfe •, and many 

of the Corimhians hearing, believed and 


were baptized ; Crifpus believed, his houfe 
believed, all runs in their believing, and 
then they were baptized ; Thus you have 
Pattern.and Precept ; if Command or Ex- - 
ample be of *any force, here^sboth. * 


Bitftifm is Dipping or Ccveringmder Water, 

1 . ^TpHe Greek Baptizo^ to plunge^ to o- 

JL vervohelm. Thus Chrift was plunged 

in water? /^^f. 3. 16. Thus he was plunged 

or overwhelm'd in his fufrering^Z.«i^i2.50. 

2. The Dutch Tranflation reads Mat. 3. 
^In thofe days came John ths Dipper^ John 

3. 23. John was dipping in Aenon,n'^5r^ there 
was much water ^ what need much water 
were it not dipping ? 

3. They did baptize in Rivers, i^<^f. 5.6, 
They came to Jotin, and were baptiz^ed in the 
River of Jordan, John 3 • 23, John was bap^ 
tiz^ing m Aenon where there was mmh water ^ 
what need it be in a River? and where there 
was much water ? would not a little in a Ba^ 
ion ferve to Sprinkle the face ? 

4. Baptifm fignifies the Burial of Chrift, 
Rom, 6. 4. 'therefore we are buried with hkn 
by Baptifm^ Colofs. 2. I2» Bnried with him 

^ Qz in 

i8 'Baptifm plainly 

— * ■ 

in Baftifm, Now we do not reckon a man 
buried, when a little earth is Sprinkled on 
his Face ; but he is buried when Covered^ 
tlmsyou are buried in Baftifm, 

5. ChriftsfufFerings are called a Baptifra? 
LnkCy 12. 50. I have a Baftifm to he hafm 
fizzed vpith^ and how am I ftraitned till it he 
accompliped <' when Chrift fuffered, he was 
plunged into pains ; did his fufferings lye 
only on his head or on his forehead ? No, 
no, there wa$ not one part free ^ he was 
from head to foot in pain ; his head was 
crowned with piercing Thorns, his hands 
and feet nailed to the Crofs ; fo ftretchs 
ed out on the Grofs, that a man might 
have told all his -bories, pf, 22, 17. There 
was not one part free, the man hath fin^ 
ned, body, foul and fpirit. Chrilt was 
baptized into pains, plunged into forrow, 
not any part free, this he calls his Ba- 
ptifm. Thus one baptized is plunged un- 
der water, to fhew how Chrift was plunged 
into forrow for our fakes. 

6. Baptifm is a putting on Chrift, ^s 
many of you as are baptized into Chrifl have 
fHtonChrifi:^ Gal. 3. 27. that as a fervant 
wears his Lords Livery, a Garment which 
demonftrates him to be a Servant to fuch 
a Lord : So in Baptifm we put on our 
Lords Livery, he cloathes from head to 


ano faitfifttlip Difcoiietes. 19 

foot ; Thus by Baptifm we put on Chrift. 
7. When Chrifi was baftiz.edy.he came up 
DM of the water. Mat. 3 .. 16. Was it only 
, a tittle Water thrown on his Face f Then 
he had not been in the water j but becaufe 
he was baptized in the water, therefore 
being baptized he came up out of the wa* 
ter- Phitif and the Emnch vpent both down 
into the water ^ ( and being there in the it?/z- 
ier) Philip baftiz,ed the Ennmh^ and when 
he was baptiz^ed he came up out of the wa* 
ter-, ^^.8.38,39. 

Thus you fee the place where they Were 
baptized, w^as a River i their A(flion, they 
went down into the Water j then being in 
the water, they were baptized ; this was 
where was much water. The end was to 
(hew forth Chrifts Burial. Now if there be 
not a Burial under water to fhew Chrifts 
Burial) the great end of the Ordinance is 
loft : but we are buried by Baptifm. . 

Qiieft. But why may not Sprinkiing with 
"water ferve^ as well as Covering under water ? 
''Is there any more vertue in a great deal ofwa^ 
ter J than there is in a little water ? 

jinfw. Sprinkling may not ferve as well 
ss Dipping under water. * 

1 .Becaufe God is a jealous God, & ftands 

upon fmall things in matters of Worfhip ^ 

tris likely iVW^^ and Abihu thoughtjif they 

C 3 put 


TSaptifm plainli? 

put fire in the Cenfer^it might ferve,though 
it were not fire from the Altar •, but God 
calls it flrange five, and therefore he burns 
them with flrange fire, Lev. lo. 1,2. and 
Mofes adds^ Fer. 3. This is it that the Lord 
ffak^r fayifi^y I mil be fan^ified in them that 
come, nigh me-i and before all the people I will 
be glorified, God 'bid Mojes fpeak to the 
Rock,, and Mofes fmote the Rock, and 
therefore mufl dye fhort of Caman^]<l\mi, 

2. Sprinkling may not ferve, becaufe^ 
thereby the end of the Ordinance is lofl, 
which is to lliew the Death,Burial,and Re- 
{iirredion of Chrift, Rom. 6. 4. We are bu- 
Tied With him by Baptifm^ that like M Chrift 
-was raifed^ &c. 

3. Sprinkling will not ferve, becaufe it is 
not that God hath appointed. Naaman the 
•Leper did think the waters of Vamafcus to 
be of the Tame vertue with (or better than) 
the waters oUfrael, 2 Kings 5. 12. May I 
?iot ivaflj in them and be clean ? God had ap- 
pointed him to dip in 7cr^^;?,not that th^^re* 
was more vertue in tiiat water j but God 
did appoint him to dip in Jordan^ and he 
did, and was clean. Dipping is God's Ap- 

, 4- Sprinkling will not ferve, becaufe it is 
dot. according to the Pattern^ Chrift went 


dowri into the water. PhtUp & the Eunuch^ 
went down into the water, ^^7.8.38. Heb, 
8.5. See thoH make all things- according to 
l^e Pattern. 

5. Sprinkling Jidil not ferve, becaufe it is 
high prefumption to change God's Ordi- 
nances 5 Is not God wife enough to appoint 
his own Worfhip how it (hall be perform- 
ed ? If'-i. 24. 5. J- he Earth is defiled^ becaufe 
they have changed the Ordinance, 

6. Sprinkling will not ferve,. becanfe 
Sprinkling is not Baptifm ; it is not the 
thing intended by God ; Baptifm is £>/p?/\^ 
or Plunging. Sprinkling is not Baptifm, 
therefore Sprinkling will not fervei Luh.'-j. 
29,30. GodsCouncelis Baptifm or Dipping. 


Prgving Water-Baptif/Hy to contime till tie 
Scc^ind Coming of.jejm olorifi, 

THat this may appear that Water-Bap- 
tifm is to continue, arid to be pradi- 
fed by Believers till the fecond coming of 
Jefus Chrill ; take thefe lix Conlidersti- 
ons : 

I. Cociiider that VVater-Baptifm was 
once commanded, and never yet repealed, 

C 4 1 and 

^r OSaptifm piaml? 

and no power can repeal a Command of 
Chrifb, but the fame power of Chrift, by 
which it was given forth, Jiid. ver. 3 . Con-, 
tend for the Fakh which was once delivered to 
the Saints, 

2. Confider, that Water-baptifm was 
pradtifed before, and lince the Refurredion 1 
of Jefus Chrift : 

1. Before the Refurreflion of Chrift,, 
Mat.^. 16. Joh. 3.23.& Joh. ^. 1,2/ 

2. Since the Refurret^ion of Chrift, 
^^.2.41. &8. 12, 38. &10.47, &c. 

3 . Confider that Water- Baptifm was 
commanded after Chrifts Refurredion, 
Mat, 28. 19. Go teach all Nations^ hapti^ 
z^ing them. Had Water « Baptifm ceafed 
with Chrifts death? it had not been com^ 
manded and praftifed after his Refurr«- 

4. Conllder, that the end of theOrdi* 
nance rema ins as at the Lords Supper ; the 
end of it is to fhew forth the Lords death till 
he comer and to do this in remembrance 
of Chrift j as long as we are to remember 
Chrifts death, it is-to be done in remem- 
brance of C^^^}f even tiiJ his fecond coming : 
fo Baptifm is to fhew the Death, Burial &: 
Kefurredion of Chrift, Rom, 6. 3,4>S« the 
End remaining, the Ordinance remains 
till his fecond coming, 

5. Con- 

I . : , ■JK' 

^ ant! faitfifiiUpDifcoiJeren. 2 3 

5, Confider, it hath been continued by 
Chriflians in all Ages, fince jefus. Chrill 

' left his Command with the Saints- 

6. Conflder whether the fame Argument 
t hatfthrows down Water=baptifm,if grant- 
ed, will not throw down all Ordinances: 
for if you grant that when the Spirit is 
c©me Baptifm ceafeth , may you not as well 
fay, when the Spirit is come?Preaching cea- 
feth. Prayer ceafeth j butthis^isbyreafon 
of mans corrupt heart : Chrift {^ith^Teachi 
ing them to obferve all things whatfoever I 
have commanded yon ^ jind lo I am with yon 
alway^' even unto the end of the world. Mat. 
28. 19, 20. 


77?^^ no Meafitres of Grace or of the Spirit 

are a fi^fficient Ground to hetf any fvam 


THAT no Meafures of Grace or of the 
Spirit are a fufEcient Ground to keep 
from Baptifm, may plainly appear, if you 

1. Confider, that Baptifm is from Hea- 
ven, asyoufee, Mat,2i.i<^, Now what 
fhould keep from a Heavenly Command ? 

2. Conlider the Lord Jefus had all grace, 


if isaptifm plamip 

and the Spirit without Meafure^ asjo;?; 
3- 34. and yet he was Baptized in th( 
River of Jordan^ as you may fee, ^at, 3 
I s, 14, 1 5. Is not Chrift a good Patten 
for Believers to follow ? 

3- Confider, where hath God thus limi 
ted Baptifm to per fons,having little Grace 
or little of the Spirit. Nay, on the Con 
traryhath not God promifed his Spirit 
that you may keep my Ordinances and dc 
them? £z.€k^. 11. 19, 20. 

4» Confider, the Apoftle makes receive 
ing the Spirit, an Argument to encourag* 
to Baptifm, A^s 10. 47. Can any man for 
bid watery that thefe fljonld not be baftizjd 
who have rewved the Holy Ghofi as well a 
,Tve? Now if you mind> thefe were fo ba 
ptized with the Spirit,tbat they fpake wit! 
Tongues and WBphefied •, a (Irange worl 
to Prophefieand fpeak with Tongues^ fuel 
a Meafure of the Spirit is not in our days 
yet he Commanded them to be baptized 
"ver, 48. 


aitn fait^fullp Difcoieteu* 


Believers Baftifm a great Ordinance, 

THE greatnefs of the Ordinance of Be^ 
Hevers Baptifm may appear, if you 
confider thefe feven Particulars. 

1. Confider that Baptifm is an Ordi- 
nance which hath the great Pattern, the 
Captain of our Salvation himfelf did pra- 
aife it; as you fee, Mat. 3; 13. Then 
comtth Jefus to he haptisied- If any man 
ferve me^ faith Chrift^ let%m follow me ^^ 
And where I am there fhall my fervant be^ 
John 12. 26. Chrift is the great Exam- 

2. Confider the great Name in which ^ 
Baptifm is Adminiftred, Mat. zS, 19, 20. 
Baptiz^e them in the Name of the Father ^Son^ 
'and Holy Ghoft : This Name mult not be 
flighted ^ it is a great Name. 

3. Confider Baptifms great bufinefs, it 
is called Righteoufnefs; Righteoufnefs is 
a great thing. Chrift calls it a comely thing* 
Mat. 3 . 15. Thus it hecometh us to fulfil all 
Right eonfnefs ; it is a fulfilling all Righte- 

4. Confider Baptifms great Commiflion; 
it is one of the lall Conmands of our blef- 


OSaptifm plmnl? 

fed Saviour after his Refurredtion, a little 
before his Afcenlioiij as a.ppears. Mat, 28. 
19, 20. Go Teach and Baptisie. 

5. Conilcler Baptifms great Proraifes, 
A^at. 28. 1 9, 20. G^ teach and bapttz^c^ and 
/a, \a??i with ytw •, here's the Proraife of the 
glorious prefence of Chrift. Then you 
have the promife of the Holy Ghofl, Se-* 
fent and be baptiz^cdy and yon Jh all receive the 
gift of the Hly Ghofi., Ad:- -2. 38. 

You have alio the Promife or AfTurance 
of. waihing away your fins, y4ci. 11, 16, 
ArifCy and be baptiz.>id^ and rvajh away thy 
fins. * 

Again? You (hall find the promife of Sal- 
vation annexed to Baptifm, Mark^iS, 16. 
He that bclteveth and is hapttz^edy jhall be 
faved'^ Chr ill's Prefence? the Holy Ghoft's, 
Pardon of fm, and Salvation ; all thefe are 
great Promifes. 

6 Confider the Emrnency of Baptifm*? 
every Word of God is pure, but Baptifm 
is cailed the Councel of God^ ^^k 7.29,30. 
They reje^ed the C'Xincel of God a^ainFt 
thewfelves^ not being baptiz^ed j is not the 
Councelof God a great thing ? 

7. Confider, fince Chrift hath been 
gone to Heaven, he hath commanded Ba- 
ptifm Alls 8.29. the Spirit bid PhUip]oyn 
himfelftothe Chariot, which clearly ap* 

' Dears 

pears was, tbat he might preach Chrifl, 
and baptize the Eunuch ; ^(^d when he 
was bapttz.t^d', he went away rcjoycwg : Here's 
one Call from Heaven. 

Another Comriiand from Heaven to bap- 
tize,after Chrifts Afcenfion,you have in the 
Lord Jefus's fending Ananias to Panl^AB, 
9. jp. The Lord called Ananias in a Vifio??^ 
and fends him to Paul ; nnd when he comes^ 
he faith, Ads, 22. 16. and now why tarriefi 
thou i arife and be baf>tiz,ed, and wafj away 
thy fins. This Pad tells us were the words 
of Ananias ^ here you have another Call 
from Heaven to baptize. 

Again you fhall find, ASt, 10. 4, 5. Cor*- 
nelius hath a Call from Heaven to fend for 
Feter^ who fhould tell him words where- 
by he fhould be faved. Teter ha3h a Call 
from Heaven to go to Cornelius ^ver, 19.20. 
Go therefore^ nothing doubting y here Peter 
is fent from Heaven, and to fpeak words 
-whereby Cornelius might be faved \ iind 
when he came to Cornelius^ you lliall find 
M/jr. 4S. He commanded them to be baptized. 
Thus you fee Baptifm was commanded af- 
ter Chrift's Afcenfion^ all which m^y 
fhew Baptifm to be a great Ordinance. 


TBaptifm plainlj? 


'^nfwer to the common Ohje^ions, 

SUch is the corruption of mans heart? as 
he will make Objedlions againfl the 
cleareft Truth in the blelTed Word of 
God ; and which of the Truths of God, 
yea, hath not God himfelf been objected 
againft ? but I may fay of Baptifm, as 
once He fa id, Thefe things were not done 
in a Corner : I only give this Scripture- 
caution, They have clojed their eyes left they 
flwHldfee and be converted^ and J Jhonld heal 
them : Take heed of clofing the eyes, and 
then I am fure thou wilt be willing in the 
day of God's power ; but if in Confcience 
thou defireft fatisfadion) confider the An- 
fwcrs to the following Objections. 
Objea:. I. 

Some Objed where it is faid. Mat. zS 
19, 20. '/ -he end of the World^ that is, tc 
the end of that Age. 

Anfw, I. 

To which I Anfwer, This cannot be the 
fenfe of the Text : Fir ft, Becaufe Chrifl 
bids the Apoftles teach them to obferve aL 
things xvhatfoever J have commanded yen. 
Mat* 28. 20. Now do you think that al 


things the Apoftks were to teach them to 
obferve, were only to the end of that Age ? 
Chrift commands them to repent, believe, 
to be holy, to be baptized j and are we to 
repent, believe and be holy, no longer than 
to the end of that Age ? Secondly, Chrilt 
promifes his prefence to the end of the 
World, Mat, 28. 20. Lo^ J am, with yon to 
the end of the Word, Now hath Chrift pro- 
mifed his Prefence but to the end of that 

' Age ? this would be a dreadful Do(n;riDe, 
Jolh- 1.5. He hath [aid, I will not fail thee^ 
mr fcrfake thee ; fo that the promife 
of his Prefence is to lafl; in all Ages? as the 
word may be rendred ; / will he with yon in 
Ages^ or, to the end of the World ; there- 
fore obferve, all things to the end of the 

Objed. 2. 

1, But Water^baptifm was John's Baftif?^, 

I Anfwer, 

Was the Baptifm of John from Heaven 

or of men ? jQhrP% Baptifm was from Hea- 

^ ven, Mat, 21.25. Then further, John was 
but to prepare Chrift's way before him, 
Luk. I. 76. ThoH [Ijalt go beforh the face of 
the Lordj to prepare his ways-^ fo that John 
did but prepare Cbrifts way : This there- 
fore was Chrill's way, not John\ way : But 
further hath riot Chrift commanded, and 

D2 the 

3*o OBaptlfm plamlp 


the Churches pradtisM Baptifm after John'^s 
Death, and Chriil's Refarredion ? Did 
not Chrifl fay, Go teach and baptize ; and 
wilt thoiiYay this is JohrPs Baptifm ? 
Objea. 3. 

3. But Circumcifion and VricircmTJCtfion 
avmkth notloina;. but a New Creature- 

I Arifvper, 
Once Circumcifion was foraething^when 
the Lord would have killed Mofes becaufe 
of the Circumcifion, as Exod. 4. 24, 25,26. 
and when the Lord fiiid, That whoever was 
?2ot circHmcifidy he fioifld be cut off from 
the j^eopie^ Gen. 17. 14. Now in the Gofpel 
it is nothing, becaufe abolilhed, Gal- 5.2. 
If yon be circiimcifed-i Chrifi Jhali profit yon 
nothing : But wilt thou fay the Councel 
of God is nothing ? Baptifm is the Coun- 
cel of God, Lnk» 7. 29, 30. And is this no- 
thing? Baptifm is a Command of the 
Lord Jefus, Mat, 28. 19. And is his Com- 
mand nothing ? 

Objea. 4. 

4. \ am baptiz^ed with the Spirit y which is 
the f lib fiance ; Water^baptifm is but thefiht- 

I jifjfwer. 
Thou mayfl as well fay fo of all other 
Ordinances, they are but fhadows ; the 
Supper is but a (hadow : Prayer? Hearing 


atrti f^itSfuHp Difcoueteo* ^i ^ 

and Preaching are butlhadows.^ andthent 
whither wilt thou run ? Then further, the* 
Queftion is not whether it be a ihadow ; Is 
it a Command ? If a Command, difpute 
not Chrift's Authority left he be angry» 
But further, call Water-baptifm a fhadow, 
yet confider Chrift fubjefted to it, and who 
art thou? wilt thou be wifer than Chrift i^ 
And further5yi<^i lo, d^j.'They were haftix.* 
ed with the Sprit-, and /pake with Tongues^ 
and yet were baptized in water. Remember 
he that is faithfd in the leaft^ is faithful in, 
much, Objed. 5. 

5. Doth not Baftifm come in the room of 
CircHmciJion f 

\ jinfwer, 
!<Jo furely, for there's not any Word of 
God for fuch a thing? and thou muft not be 
wife above what is written, 1 Cor.4.6. And 
then confider, Circumcifion concerned on« 
ly the Males *, but A^s 8. 1 2. When they 
believed^ they were baptized^ both Men and 

Objeft. 6, 

6, Bat are not very learned Men f^r In^ 
jant Baptifm ? 

1 j4nfwer, 
Lnke^. 29. 30. The Pharifees and Law- 
yers ( the learned men of the times ) reje- 
fted the Councel of God againft them- 

3x Tg^ptifm plaimp 

felves, not being baptized. Do not fay 
as they faid-, Wrjich of the Rukrs have he- 
lmed in him <* Hearken to Chrift's An- 
'fwer, Mcit\ 1 1. 25. Jefui anfwered^ I thank 
thcCy O Father^ Lord of Heaven and Earthy 
that th'm ^^ft' hid thefe things from the wifi 
and frndentj and hafl revealed them to Babes ^ 
And further, If Learnifig were an Argu- 
ment in this cafe, Are there not many Gar= 
dinals and Jefuits Learned Men ? 
Qb/ea. 7. 

7. But are not there very Godly jnen^ fa- 
fiors of ChurcheSf that hold Infant --baftifm ?- 

You are not to follow an Apoflle further 
than he followeth Chrift, I Ccr. 11. i. foU 
low me-) as \ follow Chrifi. Again, bring no 
Examples of good Men againft an exprefs*. 
word. You have an exprefs word, u45isS. 
Hi Whert they believed they were Baftiz^edj 
both Men & Woinen, Elias was a good man, 
he called for fire from Heaven, but we mulb 
not dofo. Jehofafhat was a good King^bue* 
the High Places were not removed -, follow 
no Example againfl: a word, i Kings -22^. 
42, 43. Thoti ]hdt not folhw a mHltifnde- 1^ v 
do evil, Exod, 23.2. 

Objea. 8. 

8, Bi^^t thsrfpimtn word a^air^ft^Bafti^'^- 

I ^ 

J Anfwer, 

Nadab and Ahihtt were burned with fire, 
becaufethey did that the Lord commanded 
not, Ltv. 10, 2, 3 . Again,! f you mean by 
a word, an exprefs word, then where have 
you a word, Thoiijhalt mt haptiz,e Bells^ as 
you read in the Book of Martyrs they did ? 
Wiiere have you a word, faying, Thoufljalt 
mt fife S little^ Cream or Salt in Buftifm^ as 
the Roman Catholicks do? But you muib 
know, it is enough againft Infanc-Baptifm, 
k is not commanded. 

Objert. 9. 

9. But were there not whijie Families Ba^-^ 

I Anfwer, 

That it is exprefly faid, They all heliev^d^ 
A^S 16. 34. He was baptiz^cd and all hisj 
*ver, 33. He rejoyced^ heleivifi^ in God rvlth^ 
all his Hokfe^ ver 34. Crifpus //?^ Chief Rit^ 
ler^ believed in Cod with all his Houfe ; and 
many of the Cor'mih\2im belie-ved and wereba^^ 
ftiz^ed Ads 18. 8. Lydia and all her Bonfe^AOLS 16. 15. Here's no men- • 
tion of Husband or Children, whether fhe- 
wasaMaidor a Widdowj only they are 
called Brethren, 'ver, 40. 
Objed. J a. 
10-' Infants were once Chnrcht Members^. 

'id Vi^e do not, find they were cnt off^ 

D 4 / An-. 

34 Qgaptitm piamip 

That the natural Branches were brojcen 
ofFby their Unbelief ; and if they come to 
believe, they may be grafted in again » but 
till then they are broken off, J^om. 1 1 . 20, 
21 . Again now in the Gofpel, the Axe is 
laid to the root of the Tree 5 and every 
Tree that brings not forth good fruit, is 
cut down and call into the fire, Mat.^^, 
9, 10. Therefore yoh mnfl not think^tofay 
you have Abraham, or a Believer^ for your 
Father^ This is the fure Word of God- 
And thus you may fee that the Saddnces • 
were rejeded, when they came for Ba- 
ptifm, thinking to fay, They had Abraham 
for their Father^ Mat. 3. 7> 8, 9. And 
further, Infants were Members of the Na- 
tional Church of the Jews : Bat where were 
they ever Members of a particular Church 
under the Gofpel? When Infants were 
Members, then Servants that were bought 
with Money were all Members, Gen. 17, 
2 2 . Which are not of thy feed : God now 
in the Gofpel feeks fuch to Worlhip him, 
who Worjhip him in Spirit and in Truthy 
John 4. 23. And further, therc^Ag thea 
a middle Wall of Partition*, but' this mid* 
die Wall of Partition is broken down, Efh. 
2. 14. And now God is no Refpedler of 
Perfohsjbut in every Nation, fuch as fear 


ana faitljftiUp Difcoserec. 


him and work Righteoufners, are accept- 
ed of him, ^^s 10. 34. 35. 

Oh]ta- II. . ■ ' ' 
1 1. Bpit is the -'Pmilcdge of Believers 
Chtldreti^ lefs under the Gofpel tbyin it was 
urfder the Law ? 

I uiiijwer, 
, What dofl thou mean by Priviledge? 

'was it a priviledge to be under the Law, or 
is it now a priviledge to be under the Gofs 
pel? or doll: thou mean by priviledge to 
have the Promifes which the Apoftle tells 
US' of, Rord g; 8. They which .trx Children 
of the fleJJj, are mt the ChildrefJ of Tromife ; 

,,or dofl thou mean by Priviledge to par- 
take of the vifible Ordinance of Circurtici- 
lion ? And is this fuch a priviledge which 
the Apoflle," AEis 15. 10. calls a yoke, 
that neither we nor our Fathers were able 
to bear, is this the priviledge thou mean- 

Objedt. \z. 
i.Z. Bnt the Seed was jn Covenant I God 
made a Covenant with Abraham a^d his 

I Anfxver, 
. W hat doft^thou mean by Covenant? doft 
thou mean the Covenant that was made on 
Mount Sinai^ox a Covenant of Works ?dofl 
thou mean the Qoyenant of Grace, where- 

3 ^ Tgapt ifm pteinlp ^ 

in* God promifech to be their God ? and 
dofl thon make this Covenant of Grace to 
be Conditional ? And doll thou judge, that 
Jjhmad^ Saul^ and Jeroboam the Ton of 
^ Neb at ^ and ^haz.^ and all they, were in 
* the Covenant of Grace ? or doll thou judge 
they loft their Interefl: in the Covenant'of 
Grace, and fo indeed make it a Covenant 
of Works ? Therefore confider, God did 
make a Covenant with Abraham and his 
natural Seed, to give them the Land of C^- 
naar7j Gen, 17. 7, 8. but as to the Promife 
of Life and Salvation,this was made to ^- 
hrahammd his ipirituai Seed, Gal, 3. 16. 
Now to Abraham arid his Seed rvere the Pro- 
mjks made-y he faith^ not unto Seeds ^ as of 
many ; but ns of 0;?!?, to thy Seed^ which is 
Chrifi, Ifyou will believe this Textjthere's 
little difficulty in the Objection, ^o/«. 9.8. 
The Children of Promife are counted for the 

Objed. 13. 
13. Bnt they were fo far in the Covenant^ 
as to give the?u a Might to the Ordi- 
nance f 

I Afifwer, 
Circumciflon was cntail'd on Abraham 
and his Seed, and his Servants; but where 
is Baptifm in tailed, upon Believers natu- 
ral Seed ? 


aitP faittjfmiP Difcoueteo. 3 7 

The Priefthood by a Covenant wasea- 
tailed on the Tribe of Levt and their Seed, 
as you may read, Joflj. i8. •^.-Nnm. 25. 
13. will you now entail the Miniftry on 
Preachers and their natural Seed ? But as 
to the point of Baptifm? were there not 
many that came to be Baptized ? and John 
faid, Thinks not to fay you have Abraham /or 
yonr Father, Mat. 3.9. clearly fhewing 
that their Carnal Right was cut off by the 
Gofpel. Now the Axe is laid to the Root 
of the Tree^ every Tree that bringeth not 
forth good fruity is hewen down and c^ft into 
the. fire. And note further, Abraham had 
a word for to warrant his circumciling his* 
Seed j but where is there a word for Ba- 
ptizing Infants ? 

Objea. 14- 
14. But Chrift faid^ jujfer little Children 
to come to me-, for of fuch is the Kingdom of 
', Heaven, 

I Anjwer, 
The Text tells you plainly? they were 
not brought to be baptized,but that Chrifb 
might lay his hands on them^ and pray for 
them. Mat. 19. 13. Adark 10, 16. Here's 
nothing of Baptifm. 

Objed. 15. 
15. J?«f 'tis faid, AEhs 2. 39. The Pro^ 
Tfiifeis toyoH and to your Children. 

I An^ 

TSaptifm ptoinlp 

/ Arifwer. 

Do fo much juftice to thy own Soul as 
to read the whole Text ; and you fliall 
find,' that it is faid, The Promt fe is to yon 
and to your Children^ and to all that art a-, 
far ojf^ even as many as the Lord our Cod 
JJjall call : Here you fee it is to fuch as are 
called. Now if you fay this word Call re- 
lates not to the Children, but to them 
that are afar off. I Anfwer^ it muft needs 
relate to the Children and their Parents, 
and all afar off, becaule it is the Promife, 
vcr, i6, 17. this is that which is fpoken 
of by Joel the Prophet, I will four out of 
my Sprit 01 all fie fi^ on your Sons and D aught 
ters^ Joel 2. 28. on the Remnant whom the 
Lord {hall cally ver. 32. Now if tlie Pro- 
niife of the Spirit be to Children, though 
not called j then either the promife doth 
failp and that's a fearful thing to think ; 
or elfe all the Children of Believers do 
partake of this glorious Spirit j but the 
contrary dayly experience fhews , that 
many of Believers Children are Carnal, 
not having the Spirit; and it is fulfilld 
only to fuch,whom the Lord our God Ihall 

Objeft. 16. 

1 6. But J have been Baftiz^ed in my Infant. 
cy therefore what need I ht Ba^ttZicd again f 

aitn fatttjfitnp Difcoijeteo. 39 

As one faith of Marriage, It is not the 
Bed that nia"kes Marriage, for then forni- 
cation is Marriage, but a lawful confcnc 
by Covenant, that makes Marriage. So I 
fay of Baptifni, it is not Water thrown 
on the face that makes Baptifm ; but it is 
a free confent and fubje^flion to Clirift ac- 
cording to the Rule^ that makes Baptifm ; 
Now when thou waft an Infant thou gavelt 
no confent> thou canft not tell of any fuclv 
thing but by report-, thou knoweft'not 
when it was, thou hadd no Faith in the 
A6\:. -^^^ ^^^^^ ^"^^^ i^ ^ot of Faith is fin ^ 
fo that thou art not yet baptized. Again, 
confider what defeats have been in thy In- • 
fant- Baptifm ? Firfb, th^pas no Rule 
to baptize thee while an Infant. Then 
thou wail not a right fubjed:, for thou 
oughtft to believe and be baptized^, then 
thou waft only fprinkled, not buried in . 
baptiimjas Chrifl was and hath command- 
ed •, Now wilt thou call that baptifm which 
nvas only a Tradition received from thy 
Fore- Fathers, when the Lord Jefus did 
Ilied his moft precious blood to redeem thee' 
from the Tradition of thy Fore- Fathers, 
1 Fct, I. 18, 19? 

Objeft. 17. 
1 7. Bui'^ many lay Jo ttuKh firefs on Ba- 
E pifm 

40 Qgaptifm p'ainlg 

pijmj as makes hs more backboard to it, 
1 Ai'i freer. 

Is there more flrefs laid by any than by 
Chrift ? whofaid they rejefted the Counce! 
of God againft themfelvesjnot being bapth 
Zt^^Luk^ 7'2953o. And is it not our duty, 
to contend for the faith once delivered to the 
faints ? 

Oh)tCt: i8, ^ 

1 8, But the Children of Believers arc holy^ 
therefore they OH^ht to be baptiz^ed. 
I Anfwer, 

As it is faid the Children are holy, fo it 
isfaid the unbelieving Husband is holy, or 
ian£tified by the believing Wife. ThisHo= 
linefs is whoU^o the ufe of Marriage., for 
the Apoftle wm that place, ( i Cor, 7. ) 
fpeaking of Marriage, and whether thofe 
who have believed ihould live with unbe- 
lieving Husbands, or put them away, as 
I Cor. 7. 1 3. So that the Holinefs here fpo- 
ken of, it is wholly to their ufe ; it is faid, 
Zach, 14. 20. T here jhall be Holinefs on the 
Horfes Bells, and every pot in the Lords Houfe 
jhall be Holy. Now do you think this was 
a fufBcient warrant to baptize Bells, as you 
may read they did in the Book of Martyrs? 
But there is a being holy for the ufe of the 
Believer, as every Creatnre is San^ified by 
the Word of Cod and Prayer^ 1 Tim. f. 4, 5. 


anti faitljfull^ BtfeatJerea. 


yl'fid to the Pi'tre^ all thinas are Pure, Ttt* 
I. 15. That iS) to their ufe : Thus Child" 
ren are holy, and unbelieving Husbands 
are fandified to their ufe ; But if you think. 
Believers Children are inherently holy, 
doth not your experience tell you the con- 
trary ? do not we fee good Men have un- 
godly Children, and bad Men have holy. 
Children ? fo that they 'are only holy for 
their ufe,they are not born in uncleafmefs. 
Objed. 19. 

19. When they were formerly circHmcifeJ^ 
Men of years were circHmcifed \ but after-' 
w^rds Infants were cirCHmcijed • fo in the 
Go/pel^ when Baptifm was firfl admlmjiredy 
jMen and Women wfre baptiz^ed^ but after'* 
wards Infants were Bapttz^ed, 
I Anfwer, 

When God firfl: commanded Circumei- 
fion he commanded that it fhould be admi- 
niftred to Children, Gen, \j, 10. evtry 
Af an- child 'y but when Ch rift commanded 
Baptifm^he commanded that perfonsihould 
be taught, and that they (liould believe and 
be baptized ; and never gave a Command 
to baptize Children. Then confider wc 
have the Lives and. Ads of the Apoftles 
and Primitive Churches for divers years, 
and not one Infant baptized. Panl was 
converted fbiuetime after Chrifts Afcenll- 

E2 OD7 

4^ TSaptiTm plmtilp 

on, and was fourteen years in Chrift, 2 
Cor., 1 2. 2. \n thcfe fourteen years f lirely 
feme Children were born, yet not one ba- 
ptized that we read of. 

Objea. 20. 

20. . Thsy were Heathens that were bapth 
z^ed in the Jpofiles days, 

I Arifwer, 

Was the Lord Jefiis a Heathen ? he was 
baptized. The Eunuch a Worihipper of the 
true God. ComdlHs^ a man whole Prayers 
and Alms came to God for a Memorial, 
were thefe Heathens ? N ay, do not tbofc 
who baptize Infants, baptize Heathens? 
Eph. 2. 3, We are the Children of nr^th by 
Natti-'-e : It is you that plead for the bapti- 
zing Pleathensj we plead for the baptizing 

Objed. 21. 

21, But Pawlfaith^i Com. 17. Chrififint 
tne not to baptize bftf to preach. 
I Afffwer, 

That P^i^l did baptize, t Cor. i. 14, i 5. 
He baptized Cri//?//j and Gains., and the 
Houlhold of Stephanas^ and divers others. 
Now what he did, he did by CommilTion or 
Prefumption \ but he did it not by Prefum- 
ption> therefore he did it by Com mi (lion ; 
he was fent to preach- Baptifm fell in as a 
pare of his Preaching Office V Philip w^s 


ann faitfifuli? IMfcoueteo* 43 

ehofen a Deacon, yet he baptized the Eu- 
nuch, Baptifm fell in as part of his worlr, 
j4^s 8. fo that he that is called to be a 
Preacher, needs no call to baptize, the 
other falls in as his work. 
Objedt. 22. 

22. But there were thr«c thoufand baftix^ed 
in one^day-i how could all thefe be diffed in one 
day ? they might hefprinkled^ bnt not dipfed^ 
I Anfwer, 

They might well be dipped, for there 
were twelve Apollles, and feventy Difci- 
ples, as Lnke lo. i. that is eighty two; 
thefe might well baptize three thoufandin 
a day. 

^ CHAP. IX. 

Believers- Baptifm and Infant- Baft if m 

1. Believers Baptifm 
hath a Command, 
^.zr. 28.19, 20. 

2. Believers baptifm 
hath many Exam- 
ples, ^^s 8. 12. 
c^f.2.37, 41,42? 

3. Believers' baptifm 
is from Heaven, 
Jkffit, 21. 25. 

, InfoKt ' Baptifm 
hath not a Com" 

, Infant - baptifm 
hath no Example, 

. Infant '.baptifm is 
from Msn. 


4. B«t 


TB^ptifm plainli? 

4. Believers baptifm 
is the Councel of 
God fLiik, J. 2^, ^o 

5. Believers baptifm 
hath been Glori- 
oufly fealedj Mat- 
thew 3 . 

6» In believers ba- 

, ptifm , the perfon 

baptized ads faith- 

7. In believers ba- 
ptifm the perfon 
fubje'^^s in ads of 

8. In believers ba- 
ptifm the perfon 
knows when he is 

9. Believers remem- 

ber when they 
were baptized. 

10. Believers are bu- 
ried with Chtift by 
baptifm, ^o«;. 6.4. 

i.i« All believers that 
are baptized, are 
in the Covenant of 

12. Allbelievers^ba- 
gtized receive r«- 

4. Jnf^r4 - baptifm 
hath the Conncil 
of Men, 

5. Jnfant'baftifmm'. 
ver ivM fcalcd by 

6, Btit irj Infant- 
baftifm^the Infa:'>t 
acis no faith, 

7. But in Infant-ha- 
ftijm the Infant 
pHts. forth noA^ 
of Obedience, 

8, BMt Infants know 
not any thing of 
their baptifm, 

9, Infants remember 
not their baptifm, 

,10, Infants are n.t 
buried^they are on: 
ly fprinkled, 

II.. J4// Infants ba-. 
ptizjedarenoLin a 
Covenant of grace 

12. But alt Ivfants 



ceive^he remtjfion 
of fl?is, 

1 3 . God bath mt pro^ 
. mifed that ail In^ 

pints that are ha- 
ptiz.e.djl>all he fa- 
ved, . 

14. Infants do mt 
rejoyce^ ktt nfunlly 
W:ep when they, arc 

1 5,. I'fam 'baft if m 
hath htmian cmfe^ 
quences only, 

1 6. Biit all the wcM 
cannot affirm that 
any Infant ixas ba- 
ptized by the A- 

17. But all baptix^ed 
believers do deny^ 
that- Infants wsre 

18. Infants baptized^ 
do net I av^ fully pan 
take of the Lcrd^s 

19. Bhp all Infants 

E4 ptized,, 

, 2, 97- 3-3. 
13. God hath pro- 
niifed that all that 
believeand are ba- 
ptized, fhall be fa- 
Ytd^Mark,i6. 16. 
14- Believers rejoyce 
when they are ba- 
ptized, A^. 8.39. 
& 16.34. 
1^5. Believers ba p - 
tifm hath the plain 
Word of GO D, 
Mat. 2S. 19. 
t6. All the World 
firm,that believers 
were baptized by 
the ApoHles, A^, 

o\ 12. 

ptife Infants, do 
confefs believers 
were baptized. 

18. Believers bapti- 
zed, do lawfully 
partake of the 
Lords Supper. 

39. All believers ba- 


TBaptifm plamlP 

ptized, are living 
ftones fit for Gods 
houfe, I Pet. 2. 5. 

20. Believers bapti- 
zed,build on Chrift 
by their own faith. 

21. Such as are ba- 
ptized on their own 
Faith , fliall never 
Tptriih^Joh. 10.28. 

22. Believers bapti- 
zed are convert- 
ed, an'd Ihall never 
come into condem- 
nation, 70^.115. 24. 

23. Believers bapti- 
zed^ are Hot the 
Children of wrath, 
Jolm 3, 36. 

24.. Believers bapti- 
' zed do know Chrift 

to be precioiis,!/^^^. 


25. Believers Love 
Chrill, arid keep 
his Command- 

26. Believers bapti- 
zed, worfliip God 
in Spirit} and in 

baptiz.edy are not 
livhig (ivories [h for 
Gods Houfe, 

20. But fucb as ha- 
ptife l/}fah'tsj[niild 
on another s faith, 

ZI. But fnch as are] 
baftiz^ed on ano- 
t hers, faith maype^ 

22. B^t Infants ha- 
ptiz^ed (^e not .corim 
verted^ arid, many 
come- into condem- 

iz. But Infants ha" 

^/■/^r^,Joh. 3.36.. 

may he yet under 

24. But Infants ha* 
ptiz.ed^ do not hnow^ 
Chrifi to he preci- 

25. But Infants ha- 
ptiTied do not love 
Chr/fl and keep his- 
Commandments, ■ 


But Infants do 

ants faitfjfunj? 'Diitomt'o, 47 

?20t k/7ow what to 

V truth^&fiich God 
fceks to Worfhip 
him, ?p^.4-23^24. 

muflftand as long 
as God's Word 
doth Hand, A^^it. 

28. Believers bapti- 
zed may repel Sa 
tan asChrift did, 
faying, ic is writ- 
ten ^ i'hey bdkvcd 
and were baftiz^ed. 


Ir.fant - hapt'ifm 

nmjtfall^hecaujt it 
bath not the Word 
of God. 

28. Bnt yon dinnot 
npcl Sat an J fayifig^ 
it is not written. 


Thin ScriptHYCs concerning Baftifm mth'> 

oHt any human confeqnence from Mans 


MAT ^. 13. Then cometh Jefus to 
John to be baptized, iJcr, 15. And 
Jefus faid, Suffer it to be fo now, for thus 
it becometh us to fulfill all Righteoufnefs, 
zer, 16. And Jefus when he was baptized 
went up ftraightway out of the water- 

Mat, 21. 25. The Baptifm of >^», 
whence was it, from Heaven or of Men ? 


48 TSaptifm plamlp 

if we fay from Heaven, he will fay why 
did ye not believe in him? 

L^tke 20. 6. But if we fay of men, the 
people will ftone us. 

Lnkc 7. 29. The Publicans jiiftified God 
being baptized. 

Vlr. 30. But the Pharifees and Laws 
yers rejected the Councel of God againit 
themfelves not being baptized. 

Mat 28. 19. Go teach all Nations, ba- 
ptizing them in the Name of the Father, 
and of the Son? a.nd of the Holy Ghoil. 

Atii 2. 38. Repent and be baptized e- 
very one of you in the Name of Jefus 

Ver, 41. Then they that gladly re- 
ceived his Word were baptized- 

Mark 16. 16. He that believeth and is 
baptized Ihall be faved. 

Acts 8. 12, And when they believed 
they were baptized, both men and women. 

yc'\ 36. And the Eunuch faid, here 
is water, what doth hinder me to be ba- 
ptized ? 

f^cr, 37. And Philif) faid, if thou be* 
lieveft thou mayft. 

^cr, 3iJ. And they went both down in* 
to the water; both Fhillf and the Eunuch, 
and be baptized him. 

A^s 9.18. Saul arofe and was baptized. 


ann faitf)fuUp Difcoaereo. 49 

i John 3.22. After thefe things came Jefus 
and his difciples into the Land of 7«r/f.?, 
and there he carried and' baptized. 

John Or. I. Jefus made and baptized 
more difciples than John, 

ABf 1 o. 47. Can any man forbid water 
that thefe fhouid not be baptized, that have 
received the Holy Ghoft as well as we ? 

^er. 48. And he commanded them 
to be baptized in the Name of the Lord. 

Atis. 18.8. And CrtffHs the chief Ru* 
ler of the Synagogue believed on the Lord 
with all his Houfe, and many of the CoW»s 
mans hearing? believed and were baptiz- 

-^^/ 22.1 6. Andnowwhy tarrieft thou ? 
^rife and be baptifed, and waih away thy 
lins, calling on the name of the Lord. 

R'un. 6. 4, We are buried with hini 
by Baptifm. - 

GaL 3. 27. As many as have been ba- 
ptized into Chrift, have put on Chrift. 

I Ptt, y 21. The like Figure where- 
unto baptifm doth fave us. 

I Cor. 12. 13 . By one fpirit we are all 
baptized into one body. 

^tis 16. 33. And he took them the 
fame hour of the night, and wafhed their 
ftripes, and was baptized? he and all his 

Ver, 34. 

Ooaptiftti plainip 

TcT. 34. He believing in God with all 
his Houle. 

Luke 3. 21. Jefus being baptizedj the 
Heavens were opened . 

rer, 23. And Jefus himfelf being 
about thirty years of Age. 

JohN 3. 23 . John was baptizing in -^^- 
m>i near Salim^ btczvik there was much 
water there. 


Confideratioris by way of Conchfion, 

I ./"^Onfider that when fouls are afham'd, 
\^ then God will fhew them the Ordi- 
nances and forms of his Houfe, ^^e^. 43 . 
1 1. The Gofpel Church hath its forms. . 

2. Confider when God gives any foul^ 
a new heart, it is to fit him for Gods Ordi« 
nances, £^^ffe. H 19,20. I will give than 
a new ffiritj and 1 will tahe away the heart 
of ft one ^ and give thetn a heart ofjlefli^ that 
they may walk, tn my StatMtes^and keep my Or-: 
dinances and do them, 

3. Confider what a danger it is to refifb 
an Ordinance of God ^ read Rom: 13. 2. 
Liih 7. 29, 30- They rejected the Coun- 
eel of God, not being baptized 

4* Con- 

aiw faitljfuilp DifcoljereD. 5 1 

4. Confider what Judgmencs have at- 
tended the changing of Gods Ordinances, . 
Ifa- 24. 1. Behold^ the Lord mak^th the 
Earth empty^ and turntth it Hpfidc down ; 
there's a change, but why, -^^er. 5. They 
have changed the Ordinanee j when Chrift 
commands to Believe and be baptized ^ and 
men baptize Infants who do not believe 
whether this be a change of the Ordinance, 

5!^on(ider, what fell on Nadab and 
Jbihit the fons of Aaron. Lev- 10. 1,2. 
They offered what the Lord commanded 
not : it was not forbidden 5 but that's not 
enough, 'twas not commanded ; Infant- 
Baptifm is not forbidden, but it is what 
the Lord commanded nor. 

6. Confider if what thou didil receive 
in thy Infancy was no^ Baptifm, an^ thoa 
haft not been baptized fince, then thou 
liveft in the negled of a great Gofpel Ordis 
nance : wilt thou call that Obedience which 
was'not thy Act, and had not thy confent, 
nor thou knowsft not of, nor canft remem* 
ber when it was done, and thou hadft no 
faith in ? and wilt thou call tha; baptifm 

I that was not of thy obedience, but thy Pa- 
rents will ? ^ 

7. Confider that the Ordinances mufl 
; be kept as they were delivered ji Cor. 1 1.2. 
i • F Hut 

^-2 Xaptifm pJamlp 

But Bapcifm was delivered to Believers 
and not to Infants. God did indeed deli- 
ver Circumcifion to Infants, but never did 
deliver Baptifm to Infants. 

8. Conlider, that many who have not 
been Bapti2;ed fince they believed, do de- 
ny Baprifm to their Children: Let me 
ask fuch, if their own Infant- baptifm was 
fufficient to them> if they do deny it to 
their Children ? why do they reckon their 
own Infant = baptifm fufficient? - — How 
Idna halt ye heiwteri two optnto^/s / 

9. Confider, that it is without all doubt 
Believers were Baptized, yields 8. 12. The 
Baptizing of Infants ( at the belt ) is but 
a doubt; Infant-bnptifm hath been often 
difputed, but vv hen was Believers Baptifm 
difputed ? It is in very words expreft, 
Tloty hthcvcd a^^dwere 8.'tpt!Z'd. Now is it 
not better to go in an undoubted way^than 
in a dark vv^ay ? 

10. Confider, there are multitudes of 
Examples of Believers B iptifm ; fee page 
I U-of this Bock ; but toeie's not one Ex- 
ample of Inrani'baprifm, 

11. Conilder if the falvation of thy foul 
did ly upon this qoeHion, Whether, were 
B e 1 ! f V c rs 13 a p c i zed o r w ere 1 n fa n ts ba p i iz- 
ed ? wouldit thou not fay, llircJy believ- 
ers ? 

12. Con- 

anti faitt)fti»p D ifcoaereo. 5-3 

12. Conrider,as Birch right gave a right 
to Circuracifion under the Law, fo Birth- 
right gave right to the Prieflhood. 

Now you would entail Baptifm without 
a word to the Believers feed, why then 
will you not entail the Miniftry unto the 
feed of Minifters ? Would it not be ftrang 
Logick) to fay, the Preachers feed under 
the Gofpel, have lefs priviledg than the 
Prieft's under the Law ? 

13. Confider, that we are not to think 
of any above what is written, i Cor, 4, 6. 
Now if Infant-baptifm be not written as an 
Ordinance, do not jud^e it to be an Ordi- 

14. Cdnfider that Chrift was faithful in 
all his Houfe, Heb, 3. 5, 6. If it had been 
his Fathers Will that Infants fhould have 
been Baptized, furely he would have been 
fo faithful as to have left us one word in 
hisBiefled Scriptures. 

1 5 . Conllder, MofesthQ fervant of the 
Lord did all according to the Pattern /hew* 
ed in the Mount, Exod, 25. 46. and (hall 
not the fervants of the Lord do all accord- 
ing to the Pattern he hath fhewed to us in 
thS New Teflament ? the pattern left on 
record is, They belkved and mere Baptized^ 
Aas 2. 12. 

16. Conllder, whether thofe who do fo 

F z depend 

£4 Tggptifm plaitUp 

depend on their confequences without a 
plain Text, will grant Papifts and others 
the fame confequences, for Altars, Surpli- 
ces, 0"c. feeing all is to be done decent- 
ly i And they fay, Surplices are decent*, 
Railes about the Tables are decent, c^c ? 

17. Confider, that feeing the Scripture 
is fo exadt, in fetting down the feveral 
circumlLances of Perfons Bapti^edj ^^s 
16. 13,, 14. the time, the Sabbath^ the 
place, L^ a Rtvtr fids ., tbeCuflom, Pray 
€f vras wt;^i to be P,afie ^ the Company, Wo- 
n.en\ the Name, Lydta; the Trade, a 
Seller oj Pur lie j place of abode, as the Ci 
/}' (/ Thyatira, . her Uelifjon, ^ IVorJlnp. 
per of Cod', her A'ttion, She heard Gods 
Wurd'^ the Lord ifened her h-cirt : the In- 
ilrumert, vords Jpoheri iy Paiiir So j4^s 
16. 27, 28,29, 30 fo many circumdanc- 
cs, but not one \Aord in any place expref- 
fed, that ever any Infant was Baptized •, 
why Jhould it be left out, were it Gods 
Will it (hcuidbe done? 

18. Confider, there is bnt one Law-giver 
who is able to faze and to deftrcy^ James 4. 
J 2. Tie Lord is ourr Judge^ The, Lord is our 
'Larvfiver^ Ifa. 33 . 2 2. Now where hath 
this Lord given a Law for Baptizing In- 
fants ? I his one Law-giver hath not giv- 
en one Law for the Baptizing Infants. 

19. Con- 


ana fait6fuH|.Dircoaei:eii4 5 s 

19. Conilder, whether Baptizing In- 
fants, Godfathers and Godmothers, the 
Crofs in Baptifm, the Promifes and Vows 
made for Children, were not all brought 
in by Humane Invention, at the fame 
time or on the fame Reafons ? 

20. Confider, whether it be fafeto ad^ 
mit of Confequences againfb an exprefs 
Rule ? Mat, 28. 19. Teach and Bapttsie. 

• 21. Confider, whether thofe who Ba- 
ptize Infants, will not have it faid to them^ 
by the Lord one day ? as in Ifa, i. 12* 
Who hath required thefe things at yonr'' 
hands ? 

22. Confider, whether any oftheGof- 
pel-Ordinances hath fo many plain words ^ 
as Believers Baptifm ? 

23. Confider, whether being Baptized 
be not a juftifying God, and on thy part 
thou not being Baptized, doft not reject ^ 
the Councel of God ? Luke 7, 29, 30. 

24. Confider, whether fuch as hold In-- 
fant'-baptifm do not Preach Baptifm to be - 
a Sign of Regeneration, and whether all 
or any Infants Baptized are Regeneiat-* 

25. Confider, whether thofe who have- 
not refped to all Gods commands will 
not one day be afhamed ? PfaL 119. 6. 

26v Confider> whether v^^y-^^^//^ durft'-' 
. ^ ' cir-f* 

56 TDaptlfm plainip I 

circiuncife his child without a word of 
Command, then how daiefl: thou Baptize 
a child without a word > 

27. Confider, whether we are not to 
prefsafter the purity of Ordinances) and 
whether thofe Ordinancefi which have the 
exprefs Rule, are not moil. Pure? 

28. Conlider, whether they and only 
tlicy (hall not have the W'elLdone at Chrift's 
coining, who have done what he hath 
commanded^ and as he hath command- 

iVbi?? fhcfeech thee tn confider what hath beeir 
faidi" this matter '^ and the ^^loriom God 
ofTr.ah pve thee the Sprit of Truths 
which may lead thee into all Truth ^and may 
build thee Hp^ arid give thee an inheritance 
fijnong them that are fanUi fled ? and as in 
finccrity^ rvlth unfeigned Lvs to God and 
thy,fotilthefc things have been written : So 
iheferyG.'d nd F Either of eur Lord Je^ 
HSjfa^tltfle thee thYoMghcutj in bodvy foul 
and/piiit^.v.^'give thee a heart to fearch 
wht her theft ihmgi he fo^ 



Jn ATTENVIX, contammg 
other ObjeElms of the Paedo- 
Baptifts , "^ith Jnfmrs there- 
unto ^ (Bj another Hand. 

^ Objed. I. 


I. T Nfants of Believers onght to be Baftiz^^ 
i edy becaufe the Natnral Seed of Be^ 
Ikvers are the Spiritual Seed of Abraham- 

/ ^^jwer. 

This is contrary to Rom. 9. 6, 7,8. For 

they are not all Ifrael, which ^reo/Ilrael; 
neither becaufe they are the feed of Abra- 
ham, ^^^^ they alt ChMxtn: hpit in Ifaac 
fh;ill thy Seed be called ^ that j>, theyjvhich 
are. the Children of the Fiefh *, thefe are not 
the Children of God : but the Chilren of 
the Promife are comted for the Seed^ And 
Gal, ^.^-,16^ 29. They which are of Faithi 
the fame are the Children of Abraham. Te 
(ire all the Children of God by Faith in 
Chriil Jefus : And if ye be Chrifl's, then 
<sr^ y^ Abraham's Seedr and Heirs accord-- 
F -^ ing 

^s ^ an appcnafic. 

ifjg to the Promiie. The Sum of the A- 
poftles Argument is, that, the Children of 
the flejh^ or Abraham's Natural Setd ar^ 
not the Children of tie PrQmife : but who- 
foever believe, whether Jew or Gentile, 
they are Abraham's y/?*>/>«^/yie^,and none 

Objed. 2. 

2. But to Abraham and his Seed were the 
Promifes madey Gal. 3. i(S. 

/ jinfwer. 

Tiie new Covenant promifes were made 
to Abraham and his fftrltual feed^ that is, . 
Bdkvers ^ fon they are the children of Godj 
an^ Heirs according to the fromife. There- 
fore faith the Apoftle, He f aid not^ and to 
feeds-, as of tnany^ hnt as of one^ and to thy 
feed-t which is Corijl^ Gal, 3. 15. Many 
Temporal promifes were made to all the 
feed of Abraham^ natural and fpiritual ; 
but his fpiritual feed onIy,that is,Believers, 
are intitled to the promifes of the new Co- 
venant. For thofe promifes being made 
to Chrift, namely, to Chrifl: firfl:, and then 
to all that are in Chrilt, none can have an 
Interefl: in them, but as they arc confider- 
edia hip, becaule he is (be great pointer 


centre of the promifes,in whom they meet 

Objedt. 3. 

3. But the J<}fants of Btlievers are to he 
b^ftiz^ed^ becanfe they have Habitual Faith. 

I Anfwer. 

If by Habitual Faith our Adverfarys un- 
derlland an Infuftd Habit of Btlieving^znd 
that all the Infants of Believers have this 
Infujed Habit ^ then let them produce fome 
Argument either from plain Scripture^ 
igood Confcquence or rectified Reafon for 
their Opinion. For to tell us of HMtual 
Faith in Infants, without any manner of 
Proof 5 either Serif tur at or Philofophical 
is meer begging of the Queftion. But if by 
'Habitual Faith they mean a Potentiality in 
the foul to believe, this will no more quali- 
fy their Infants for Baptifm, than the /«- 
far:ts of Heathens ; bccaufe there ma-y be a 
Porentiality in the one, as vyell as the other 
to believe. And feeing it is but a Patenti* 
aiiry they fpe^ k of, I demand how they 
come to know » hat their Intani s have this 
Power ? is it by Revelation,or by Obferva- 
tion ^ If by Revelation, then furely they 


6o an appcnDiF^ ^ 

V ' 

have fome Text for ic ? If by Obfervation, 
then their Infants do deraonfti ate it by fome 
Awl or other of Believing ? but if neither 
of thefe ways, then not at all 

Further? we may not Baptize ^jf^nts 
upon a meer fuppofed power of believing, 
becaufe a bare fuppolition or Prefumption, 
is a groundlefs bottom to go upon : For 
the Scriptures do po where countenance 
fuch a pradice. We do indeed baptize 
Grown Perfons upon prefumption that they 
are Beiievers, they making to us a profef- 
lion of their Faith in Chrift,and giving Te- 
ftimonials of amendment in their Lives^buc 
Infants being not capable of profeiling 
Faith in Chrift , or teftifying of Refen^ • 
tance from Dead Works, we muft not 
baptize them upon a fuppofition, that 5 as 
Believers Children^ they have a potentia- 
lity to believe, wiiich others have noc« 

Objeft. 4-. 

Infants cf Believers are capable of having 
the Seal of the Covenant of Grace ^ which ts 
Baftifm^ applyed mto them, 

I Anfwerr 

Baptifra is no Seal of the Covenant of 
'■• Grace, 

r ^ ^ 

Grace, Chrift is the Creat Bkffwg of the 
Covenant^ and the Holy ^i^mt St aleth h m 
to the Souls of the Faithful, hi whom after 
that ye believed , ye were f tale d with the Holy 
Spirit of promife, Bph. 1.13. yi^d grieve 
not the holy j fir tt^ whereby ye are feakd to the 
Day of Redemption^ ^. 30. And as the Ho- 
ly Spirit fealeth Chrift to the Souljfo Faith 
the fruit th€reof,realeth the Soul to Chriih 
He that hath recetved his Teftim'Aiy^ hath 
jet to hfs Seat t hilt God is trtie^-Johff ^.^^, 
But granting for Argument iake, that Ba- 
pifm is a Seal of the Covenant ot Grace, 
how come Infants to be capable of it ? Is 
there any Word of God in the New Te- 
ilament for the Baptizing of them ? There 
is none- How then are they capable of 
Baptifin ? Why, the ^De-vljers of WtlU 
Worjhip have created them a Tide to it 
agaiaii xxi^Exprefs ReveLition ot-Gotd. 


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